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Employment Services

Job-seekers who work with CIS find a huge variety of employment opportunities. Some of the individuals who work with us seek out wage or hourly employment, while others go the route of "customized employment," which utilizes resource ownership, entrepreneurship, and business within a business models to achieve employment success. CIS also provides Home and Community Habilitation services, or supported volunteer work, on a limited basis to complement the agency's employment services. For more information about the employment process, please contact

Student Transition Services

The Transition Team works with Pennsylvania high school students throughout 10 districts in the Greater Philadelphia area, and provides employment supports as part of the Transition Plan through each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Students participate in person-centered planning activities including discovery activities, community based work assessments, volunteer opportunities, internships, and paid job opportunities, alongside of the academic programming through their district. CIS actively participates in IEP team meetings and assists families in registering for post-high school services. For more information about student transition services, please contact

Deaf and hard of hearing services

CIS provides job-seekers who have a hearing impairment with the opportunity to work with a staff member fluent in American Sign Language. The ASL team will facilitate all aspects of the job search and job support process, including interview preparation, assistance with applications, interview scheduling, and advocacy and communication in the workplace. Please contact Estelle Gilliams,, for more information about ASL services.

Spanish Language Services

CIS has a Spanish-speaking team of employees in its Pennsylvania offices, and is able to provide all of its employment services, including assessment, job search, and job support, for those whose primary language is Spanish. Please contact or 215- 238-7411 extension 145 for more information.

CIS tiene un equipo de empleados que hablan Español y pueden proveer todos los servicios de empleo, incluyendo evaluaciones, búsqueda de trabajo, y apoyo en el trabajo para las personas que hablen Español como su lenguaje primario. Por favor de contactar o 215-238-7411 extensión 145 para mas información.

Benefits Counseling

About 90% of individuals that work with CIS with have been determined to be disabled by Social Security and receive cash and medical benefits. But what happens to these benefits when you start working? Social Security regulations can be confusing, even contradictory, but the STRIDES program at CIS is here to help you navigate the Social Security maze. CIS has two certified Community Work Incentive Coordinators who can work with you to understand how and if your benefits will be affected when you begin your new job. The Benefits Counselor can review your current benefits, walk you through any changes that might happen when you begin a job, and help you find ways to make a combination of benefits and employment income work for you. CIS is here to help you make a strong, informed decision about work and benefits, and advice from your benefits counselor is included as part of your job search with CIS. Please contact for more information.

Technology and Support

CIS identifies and develops technologies to support individuals in the workplace. Technology supports include devices, tools, and applications that assist individuals with reaching greater independence and expanding their roles as employees or entrepreneurs. CIS has developed customized technology supports for people it serves and continues to develop new solutions, playing an active role in the accessibility community in Philadelphia. Please contact for more information about technology support in the workplace.