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What We Do

Community Integrated Services is the largest Philadelphia-area job search and job support agency assisting people with disabilities in locating employment and succeeding in a job. Our job seekers have found fulfilling employment throughout diverse sectors, including clerical services, retail, food service, hospitality & tourism, gaming, child care, and healthcare. We work with job seekers in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Bucks counties as well as the state of Delaware

Through creativity, flexibility, and a commitment to community-based services, CIS provides individualized, person-centered support and training to help individuals with disabilities attain their employment goals.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is an evidence-based method of helping people with disabilities thrive in a work environment. CIS-trained "job coaches" provide on-the-job support for tasks in the workplace, helping individuals navigate unfamiliar tasks and situations. Supported employment is provided on both a short-term and a long-term basis, depending on each individual's needs and preferences.

Job Search

CIS provides support and guidance to help people with disabilities throughout the job search. CIS staff help job-seekers explore their vocational interests, work preferences and career goals, and advocate for each individual as they discover their unique career path.

The job search process with CIS can include:

  • Job counseling by CIS staff members
  • Information on writing a great resume
  • Preparation in interview skills
  • Resources for the job search
  • Expert job-matching advice
  • Customized Employment, including the Discovery Process
  • Benefits Counseling