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Meet Timarie, a hard-working, dedicated team member at Fresh Market,
where she has excelled in her role as a bulk product specialist for well over a year now. Timarie keeps things at Fresh Market running smoothly by preparing dried goods, baking products, and snacks for sale in the store, tasks which require a keen eye and careful approach for ensuring consistency in quality and accuracy. Timarie's process involves filling and labeling containers by product type and description, which she regards as her favorite task, and weighing contents to track the quantities of products being sold. Timarie maintains that she enjoys the work she does, and that the best part is the connection to community and team, and the opportunity to foster relationships in the process. Although a modest woman, she carries a strong and inspiring outlook; she reminds us "that there are so many kinds of people in this world," and she's adamant that no perceived limitation stemming from her disability will impede upon her living life to the fullest, or striving to fulfill her dreams on a daily basis - she approaches each new day as boundless, and as another chance to further enrich her community.