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Lamar has no trouble expressing his dreams. He’s quiet and understated, but when asked about the future, his smile and his confidence grow. Lamar dreams of a full life – a life with a full-time job, friends, a home, and a car – and at his dream job at St. Mary’s Villanova, he knows he has already started reaching his goals.

After a fire destroyed their home, Lamar’s mother encouraged Lamar to find work and to look for ways to increasingly be self-sufficient. After a few months of job searching, Lamar started working at Villanova University in 2006, and he has been happily employed at a job he values ever since. Lamar’s favorite part of the day is loading and unloading the dishwasher, because he “likes the organization of the dishes.” Lamar is also proud of the fact that after he finishes his work of loading and unloading the dishwasher, washing pots, and taking out the trash, he immediately begins to help coworkers out with their tasks too. Lamar relishes his job – he speaks highly of his coworkers, his supervisor, the students, and is happy to be an integral part of such a thriving community.

Hired first as a part-time employee, Lamar impressed his supervisor with his diligence and ability in the cafeteria kitchen. In 2012, Lamar was hired as a full-time employee through the university, reaching one of his top dreams: to be employed full-time. As a full-time employee, Lamar receives full-time benefits, like sick time and vacation time, as well as other great perks of working at a university, such as advanced course study and gym membership.

Lamar’s full schedule and self-sufficiency shine as he goes about his every day life. In addition to his full time work and the time put in at his gym, Lamar leads an active life, interacting with friends and family on a regular basis. Lamar loves to go to the movies, go dancing, go bowling, and eat his favorite food – pizza – with his friends. He has found a happy balance between work and a fulfilling personal life, truly living his dream.