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Justine began working with CIS in 2011, and has been busy since she walked in to the office. Even though Justine is still a high school student, she holds two jobs and a rotating internship, becoming quite the productive member of her community.

When Justine first started her job search with CIS, her CIS team decided to create a Community Action Team (CAT). Made up of community members who know an individual well and are invested in their success, the CAT is a way to formalize a person’s network of personal and professional contacts. Reaching out to one’s network is a typical way of finding employment, and the CAT included family friend, Mike Cocco, owner of Cocco’s Pizza. After the CAT, Mike offered Justine an internship at his pizza shop, recognizing that her attention to detail and interest in food (and particularly her love of pizza!) would make her a great match for his restaurant. Justine began her internship at Cocco’s, and her speed and diligence led to increased tasks and responsibility, and ultimately to a paid position. Justine loves working at Cocco’s and has been a paid employee for two years. She is completely independent on the job and is considered a core member of the restaurant team.

CIS noticed Justine’s attention to detail and diligence as well, and as Justine performed various computer tasks, the CIS staff was impressed with her speed, accuracy, and quick grasp of computer functions. Justine started working one day per week in the office as an intern, and just two weeks after being hired at Cocco’s, CIS hired Justine as well to perform administrative duties. In the office, Justine organizes and creates spreadsheets, performs data entry and data collection, and helps keep digital files up to date. Justine thrives in the office environment: she grasps the right mix of working hard and taking time to interact with her coworkers, and consistently amazes office staff with the amount of work that she is able to complete in her daily shift.

And if two paid jobs did not already keep Justine busy, she has also interned at two locations over this past year: Harvest Local Foods and Family and Community Services of Delaware County. At Harvest Local, Justine worked with weighing food, measuring orders, and keeping the produce bins well stocked. At Family and Community Services of Delaware County, Justine uses her excellent administrative skills for data entry and filing, and has started to monitor the phone lines when her colleagues go on lunch break. Next year, Justine will continue in another internship, gaining additional professional experience in order to continue to build her office and restaurant skill sets.

In 2015, Justine will finish high school with almost three years of diverse work experience, a highly developed set of work skills, and a zeal to take on her future.