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Dennis graduated from Swenson High School in 2007, and started working at Wawa while he was still in high school. Dennis was an incredibly dedicated employee, but after working at Wawa for 6 years, Dennis wanted more of a challenge, more independence, and more working hours.


Dennis turned to CIS for help in looking for a job with more hours where he could grow in responsibility and self-sufficiency. Soon after the job search began, Dennis was hired at Olive Garden in February 2013. CIS staff initially supported Dennis at work, but after just two months, the only support Dennis needed was a monthly-check in – a fact that speaks to Dennis’ hard work, motivation, and self-sufficiency. 


Dennis began by bussing tables, but when the managerial staff saw how hard-working Dennis was, they quickly increased his tasks to include answering the phones for take out orders and performing food preparation - and Dennis now works upwards of 25-30 hours per week. Not only does he excel at his tasks, Dennis is an incredibly reliable employee: this past winter, during the brutal snow storms, Dennis made it in to work because he did not want to let his coworkers down. 


Dennis' story illustrates the power of a great job match to a great job candidate, something that CIS strives to find for every one of its job-seekers. Dennis' job is an ideal fit for him, as he loves the work and is proud of his increased hours and responsibility, but it's also an optimal fit for Olive Garden: the staff have come to rely on Dennis' hard work, dedication, and skill to help the restaurant run smoothly. 

Dennis' hard work and dedication have been recognized by Olive Garden, by CIS staff, and most recently, by Networks for Training and Development. In October 2014, Networks awarded Dennis the Octavia Green Dream Job Award for Dennis' contributions to his workplace and his community.