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As soon as Brandon graduated from high school, he was eager to find a job and to be out and about in his community. CIS helped Brandon find a job with Sodexho at Wyeth (2002), and when they were bought out, he transferred with other members of Sodexho to Cabrini College. In 2006, Brandon was ready for more of a challenge, and he moved to the dining hall at West Chester University. Brandon is still employed with West Chester University, and has been working continuously in his community for almost thirteen years - a fantastic record of community employment. In addition to his employment, Brandon makes sure to volunteer in his community, and has been volunteering at his local YMCA since 2004.

At every place of employment, Brandon has made continuous growth in seeking out and learning new skills. Even though several employment places closed, Brandon stayed positive, and quickly adapted to new situations and new tasks. In addition to jumping in to new tasks, Brandon is also a dedicated and reliable worker, and rarely misses a day of work. His work record makes it clear that Brandon is a dedicated employee – he wants to be at work and participating!

Whenever Brandon’s name is mentioned at the CIS office, staff members light up with a smile. Brandon is known for his sharp memory for details, and always inquires after each staff member's family – even if he hasn’t seen the job coach in a few months! Brandon is so engaging and such a hard worker, and he genuinely enjoys sharing in the positive details of the lives of the people around him. The management staff is equally positive about Brandon’s work: when Sodexho closed and Brandon was looking for other employment, his former managers recommended Brandon’s work ethic and personal strengths at the highest level.

At Community Integrated Services, we agree with Brandon’s managers: Brandon is a hard worker, an asset to his community and job, and a cheerful, positive role model for everyone around him.