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April 2015

Journeys of Discovery: Alan

Alan would always say he didn't like anything. He couldn't name any hobbies or interests, didn't like to watch TV, and couldn't think of anything he liked to do at home. After a few tries, Alan's job coach, Tamal, showed Alan a list of 20 different hobbies, and asked him if any piqued his interest. Alan immediately recognized woodworking, the second item on the hobby list. Alan said that he'd had a woodworking shop in his basement for 10 years, filled with woodworking tools and all sorts of things he'd created, including lamps that Alan had wired himself!


And and from that moment, CIS had a starting point for the discovery process. Alan is mechanically-minded and detail-oriented: he loves to create with wood, and is incredibly knowledgeable about different types of wood and different wood working tools. In addition to that interest, Alan loves working with cars, and has found that it plays directly into his strength for details.


As the discovery process continues, CIS is looking for more permanent work either in woodworking or in cars, seeking out the best match for Alan's talents. The seeds have been planted in this discovery process, and we are excited to watch Alan's strengths blossom into his employment!