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March 2014

Letter from the Executive Director

Spring is finally here! At CIS, we think spring, the season of renewal, is a wonderful time to debut our new look. You have known us for our excellent work in employment services over the past 20 years, work that has included an ever-growing agency and staff as well as exponential growth in the number of jobs found for people who cannot wait to go to work.

We are incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished over the past years, but as the times change, so must we. CIS is debuting a new green color today, a color that reflects our own growth and transformation over the past years. We are debuting a new logo and tagline that include an image and words that we feel are more embracing of all that we do at CIS. And finally, we are debuting this new website, a necessary update to let our look reflect the creative employment solutions for which CIS has come to be recognized.

We are still the same dedicated supported employment agency with the same passionate staff who seek rewarding employment for everyone who walks through our doors, but now, we have a look that reflects our innovative work. We hope you will enjoy our new look, and we welcome your comments and discussion.

Happy Spring!

Susan Schonfeld

CIS Staff Connects with Local Philadelphia Businesses

Every day, CIS staff connect with local Philadelphia businesses to find creative jobs for each CIS job-seeker. Today, I visited Marcie, the owner of The Expressive Hand, and Emmett, her new employee. The sunlit pottery studio and shop is so welcoming on a cold winter day, and Emmett loves his new job working with pottery as a part of the team at The Expressive Hand. What job could CIS find for you? Contact us to find out!

CIS Proudly Presents Roy with a Microloan

CIS was proud to present Roy with a microloan that will allow him to start his own entrepreneurial venture within Tauheed's B-shop. Roy will use his microloan to purchase an arcade machine from TNT Amusements and will run and maintain the arcade game at the Philadelphia-area barber shop. CIS is honored to partner with Roy, TNT Amusements, and Tauheed's B-shop to create a truly unique business partnership and opportunity for all involved. What kind of innovative employment could CIS find for you?