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September 2015

Help us reach our goal of $25,000!!

Community Integrated Services is proud to partner with the Rothman Institute 8K and the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon to launch our inaugural run fundraiser. CIS has been a regional leader in employment services for adults with disabilities for over 25 years. Our success lies in the dedication of our employment partners and community supporters, all of whom have joined us in organizing our Rothman 8K fundraising teams.

The funds and donations raised by our Rothman 8K teams will help CIS to continue providing excellent employment service to adults with disabilities, and expand intake for newly referred consumers and their families. Together with our donors, CIS can enrich the lives of 800 consumers in the next year, and enhance our impact in the Philadelphia employment market.

August 2015

Mosaic of Talents

Community Integrated Services is co-hosting a “Mosaic of Talents” social hour with Philadelphia's Magic Gardens on Wednesday, October 21st. In light of our shared efforts to provide quality cultural experiences to the city, this evening will feature a private reception, original artwork and crafts from CIS consumers (for display and sale), and light refreshments catered by local chefs.

Representative non-artist CIS consumers will also be in attendance to share how CIS service has helped in their employment experience, and answer questions about how newcomers can get involved.

Mosaic of Talents” guests will have the chance to enter raffles and auctions of donated gifts from local businesses, with proceeds from the evening benefitting CIS employment services. To view samples of past consumer artwork and crafts, visit the CIS studio collective, Outside The Frame online at

April 2015

Journeys of Discovery: Alan

Alan would always say he didn't like anything. He couldn't name any hobbies or interests, didn't like to watch TV, and couldn't think of anything he liked to do at home. After a few tries, Alan's job coach, Tamal, showed Alan a list of 20 different hobbies, and asked him if any piqued his interest. Alan immediately recognized woodworking, the second item on the hobby list. Alan said that he'd had a woodworking shop in his basement for 10 years, filled with woodworking tools and all sorts of things he'd created, including lamps that Alan had wired himself!


And and from that moment, CIS had a starting point for the discovery process. Alan is mechanically-minded and detail-oriented: he loves to create with wood, and is incredibly knowledgeable about different types of wood and different wood working tools. In addition to that interest, Alan loves working with cars, and has found that it plays directly into his strength for details.


As the discovery process continues, CIS is looking for more permanent work either in woodworking or in cars, seeking out the best match for Alan's talents. The seeds have been planted in this discovery process, and we are excited to watch Alan's strengths blossom into his employment!

October 2014

CIS Wins PA Department of Education Grant

CIS is pleased to announce that it was awarded the Transition from School to Community-based Competitive Employment Grant by the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education, for its initiative, Exploring Careers with English Language Learners (ExCELL). CIS will partner with the School District of Philadelphia and Hispanos Unidos para Ninos Excepcionales (HUNE) to undertake the ExCELL program. Congratulations to all involved with the grant process, and stay tuned for news about ExCELL throughout the year!