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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does this process take and when can I start working?

A: It really varies. CIS does its best to find you a job as quickly as possible, but before the job search even begins, we have to brainstorm your potential funding options, which can include funding from the Medicaid Waiver, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, a school district, private funding, or an employment network (e.g. Ticket to Work). We know that everyone who comes through the doors at CIS is eager to find a job, so we try to help make the process as engaging, smooth, and fast as possible.

Q: How does CIS determine the right path for me?

A: Through Community Based Work Assessments or the Discovery process, CIS helps you evaluate your strengths and work preferences to find the right job match. Most often, our job-seekers tell us their new job is a great fit, but if your job ends up not being the right fit for you, CIS will work with you to find a different job.

Q: Do you offer job training?

A: We believe that everyone arrives at CIS ready to work. CIS will provide on-the-job training, and will help you become accustomed to your new job and all of the tasks that are involved in that new job. However, CIS does not provide specialized pre-training to learn new skills (such as advanced culinary skills or advanced office skills). CIS focuses solely on employment based on each individual's current strengths and abilities.

Q: What is "job coaching" and how long do I need a coach?

A: A job coach is a CIS staff member who helps you succeed at your place of employment by helping you understand and excel at your job tasks. Your CIS team will include one primary job coach and a small team of dedicated job coaches. All CIS staff members have been through training and clearances as per state requirements.

A coach might come to orientation with you, help you talk to your manager, or help you advocate for yourself in the workplace. Our goal is for you to be able to work as independently as possible, and a coach will be there to "fade" coaching over a gradual pace so that you and your employer feel confident about your work.

Q: How will going to work affect my benefits?

A: Every case is different, and CIS has a certified benefits counselor to help you explore all of the options. Generally, CIS job-seekers find that after working with our benefits counselor, their monthly income is actually increased through a combination of work money and government benefits.

Q: Do you provide transportation?

A: To find a job, each person needs a means of transportation. CIS will help you determine a transportation plan, which may include some supplementary funding options.

Q: Will my extensive or challenging support needs prevent me from getting a job?

A: "All" means all. Everyone who wants to work can work, and CIS finds creative employment solutions every day.