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Interested in finding your job with help from CIS? To get started on the job process with CIS, please email or contact 215-238-7411, extension 108.

We believe that finding a job should be an individualized experience based on a person's aptitudes and interests, and we understand that no two paths are the same. Your path to employment might include:

An Intake Meeting

An intake meeting is the opportunity for job-seekers to meet with CIS staff members for an in-depth look at an individual's background, work history, community involvement, strengths, and work preferences. Supports coordinators and family are welcome to attend this initial meeting and provide input, as finding person-centered employment works best with strong team involvement.

Community Based Work Assessments (CBWA)

During Community Based Work Assessments, an Assessment Training Specialist from CIS evaluates each individual's work skills and best employment matches. The Training Specialist and job-seeker perform assessments in the community, and each assessment is tailored to the job-seeker's stated work preferences.

Job Development

An assigned CIS Business Development Specialist ("job developer") will lead the job development process for each job-seeker, creating a resume for the job-seeker, connecting with employers in the community to find job opportunities that match each individual's skills and employment preferences, and taking job-seekers on interviews. During the job development process, job-seekers are also encouraged to attend "Mock Interviews" and "Interview Boot Camp" sessions to hone interview skills.


Discovery, a type of customized job development, begins with the individual's home and community life, using observation as a valuable tool in assessing skills and interests. Observing a person at their dance class, church, clubs, or any other community activities reveals each person at their most engaged, and helps determine the ideal conditions of employment. Seeing a person's community involvement also gives access to their social network, an important tool in job development for any individual. As the individual's strengths and preferences become apparent, CIS schedules informational interviews, a process that allows individuals to speak with professionals and get a better understanding of their intended field of employment.

Benefits Counseling

Job-seekers can meet with a CIS Benefits Counselor during any point in the employment search process to help review and clarify any Social Security benefits for which an individual might be eligible. Please see STRIDES - Benefits Counseling for more information, or contact