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Onsite Support

Congratulations on your new job! Getting a job is a great achievement, and CIS wants to give you tools to help you succeed in your new job.

When a job is secured and accepted, CIS is there to offer initial support to each new employee at their worksite. Working with an Employment Training Specialist ("job coach"), the new employee learns the tasks required at the job, and the job coach is there to offer support or unique advice on performing tasks if the new employee needs assistance.

Based on your employment path, CIS can help you with different tasks at and around work. We can travel train with you, showing you how to get to work and then back home via public transportation. We will go to orientation with you, help you identify your new manager, how to get your schedule, and what is expected of an employee at your job site. We help you identify your tasks and advise you on creating the most efficient routine at work. When you feel confident in your job, your Employment Training Specialist will begin fading support, encouraging you to excel in your independent work and helping you identify natural supports at work. Our goal is for each person to work as independently as possible, but your job coach will be available if you encounter issues or have questions.