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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does an employer need to sign a contract to work with CIS?

A: No, the employee that CIS supports is no different then any other employee hired by your company, and is held to the same standards and hiring practices. We work to find success for the employee and satisfaction for the employer!

Q: Is there any cost to the employer?

A: No! There is absolutely no cost to the employer. CIS is a non-profit agency, and is funded through various sources including the Department of Labor, the Department of Public Welfare, and multiple school districts.

Q: How do you find job candidates?

A: The individuals that we work with have been deemed "work ready" and are referred to CIS by the Department of Labor's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Department of Public Welfare's Office of Developmental Programs, and school districts throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. CIS serves people located in Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties.

Q: What happens if a CIS employee gets hurt at a job site?

A: CIS insurance covers all CIS employees, including job coaches and job developers, so the employer is not liable for any injuries that a CIS employee sustains at a work site. However, any CIS job-seeker hired by your business is an employee of your business, and is therefore covered under and follows your businesses' policy.